The Laurens County Upstate Sunday Night Net


Each Sunday Night at 8:30 PM Local Time


146.865 Repeater 107.2 Tone


The Upstate 2-Meter Net meets each Sunday night at 8:30 PM Local time on the 146.865 Laurens, KD4HLH Repeater. This is a formal directed net to promote fellowship, fun and information in the upstate of SC.

In the event of a County, State or National Emergency the net will be activated as a Directed Net by the County ARRL EC, Glenn Scott-WA4AOS or one of his appointees.


In the event ofSevere Weather such as Severe Thunderstorm, Tornado, Hurricane, Ice storm or other weather event, the repeater net will be activated and directed by the SKYWARN Manager-Spence Miner-K4KEP or one of his appointees.

Remember, Thunderstorms may be very isolated at times and while your location could be experiencing a severe thunderstorm, weather in Laurens-proper could be fine. In the event you are experiencing a severe storm elsewhere in Laurens County, follow the SKYWARN directions found under the SKYWARN link on the K4LSC Home Page.


In the EVENT the Repeater is down due to power failure, repeater failure or other problems please uses 146.865 simplex until repeater operation can be restored. Mike Johnson-KD4HLH is the Repeater Owner and will provide information about the repeater status as needed.


PLEASE NOTE: During a repeater failure or other event keeping the repeater from working is the wrong time to try to figure out how to program your 2-Meter Radio. Each Amateur in Laurens County should have both the 146.865 repeater frequencies as well as 146.865 simplex programmed into their 2-Meter rig. This could be an invaluable communications resource during a real emergency. Having a few other 2-Meter simplex frequencies stored is also advisable. Examples are: 146.52146.55 and 146.58.Several Amateurs in Laurens County have very tall towers and can hear any signal on 2-Meters, County wide, even if you happen to be running a few watts on a Handheld. Try calling Paul Arnold, NH7P, on 146.58 evenings. Paul has a 2-Meter antenna on a 150-foot tower and monitors 146.58 often.


The Net Manager is Betty Ann Cannon-KF4BVK, and will be responsible for managing the Sunday evening Net and appointing assistants to call the Net. All Net reports shall be forwarded to Betty Ann weekly. Betty Ann will forward those net reports, monthly, to the County EC.

Remember, being Net Manager is a big responsibility and sometimes a big headache, so, please let Betty Ann know you appreciate her efforts from time to time. If you have agreed to host the net for a particular evening and find you canít make your slot, let Betty Ann know as soon as possible, preferably, no less than 24-48 hours before net time.


If you are Net Control and need a copy of the net preamble click on Net Preamble from the LARS Home Page.