Laurens Amateur Radio Society


 Preamble, Constitution and Bylaws


Monday, April 24, 2006



The following documents include the Laurens Amateur Radio Society Preamble, Constitution and Bylaws. They were faithfully transcribed into a Microsoft Word Document file by the author in July of 2001 from the old typed documents from 1986. These are the principals and guidelines that we as LARS members prescribe to. Any or all of these documents are not to be duplicated or used without the expressed written permission of the LARS Officers. Copies are available to any club member at no charge.


Respectfully submitted,


Glenn Scott WA4AOS on this date of  Monday, April 24, 2006










JULY 27, 2001





We the members of the Laurens Amateur Radio Society desire to enjoy the fellowship and benefits of an association of people who are interested in Amateur Radio.

In accordance to our constitution we are known as the LAURENS AMATEUR RADIO SOCIETY and follow it’s principals as a guideline to our affairs.

Our purpose is to exchange information and promote Amateur Radio through a spirit of cooperation and fellowship. We are prepared to assist our Community, State and Nation

in what everyway possible as Amateur Radio Operators.










Article I – Membership


Section  I  – Any person interested in amateur radio communication Shall  be  eligible  for  membership.   membership   shall   be  by Application  and  election  upon  such  terms  as  the  Society Shall, by its By-laws, provide. 


Section 2 -  All new members shall be provided with a copy of the Constitution and by-laws.


Section 3 _ A  member may be removed from the membership as Provided by the By-Laws.

Article  II – Officers


Section  I – The Officers of the Society shall be: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Board of  Directors


Section 2 – The  officers  shall  be  elected  by  ballot  of  the Membership present, provided a quorum is present, at the November Meeting. Office will  be taken in January.

Section 3 – Vacancies occurring between elections must be filled By special election at the first regular meeting following the Withdrawal or resignation.

Section  4 – Officers and/or Board members may be removed by three-Fourths majority of members having a vote.

Article III – Duties of the Officers

Section  1 – The President shall preside at all meetings of this society and conduct the same according to the rules adopted.  he/ She shall enforce due observance of this Constitution and By-laws, decide all questions of order, sigh all official documents that are adopted by the society, and perform all other customary duties pertaining to the office of president.

Section 2 – The vice president shall assume all the duties of the

President in his/her absence.  In addition, he/she shall maintain

close liaison with the Section Emergency Coordinator to further

club participation in the Amateur Radio Public Service




Laurens Amateur Radio Society



June 13, 1986

                                             Revised  January, 15  2002            By:  Glenn A. Scott       



Section 1  -   Officers and Duties

A.     The Vice President shall assume the duties of the Radio Engineer and keep a log of all equipment borrowed by the club and loaned to any amateurs. He/ she will also make sure the Secretary has an updated inventory list for tax purposes.


B.    The Offices of Secretary and Treasurer shall be combined until the workload is such that it warrants the offices being separate.

The Secretary shall keep the Constitution and By-Laws of the Society and have the same with him/her at every meeting. He/she shall cause all amendments, changes and additions to be noted there on and shall permit the same to be consulted by members upon request. He/she shall give all new members a copy of the Society Constitution and By-Laws.


C.  Offices of the President and Vice President shall be occupied by Full Members. Offices of Secretary/Treasurer shall be occupied by full members.


Section 2  -  Membership

A.   Full Member:  Any person holding a valid Amateur Radio License issued by the Federal Communications Commission and is good standing with dues.


B.   Associate Member:  Any person interested in Amateur Radio. An Associate Member will not pay dues and will not have a vote, with the exception of social events.


C.  Voting Member:  A full Member in good standing with attendance. Good standing shall be attending, at a minimum, six ( 6 ) of the last twelve ( 12 ) Regular Meetings. A Voting Member shall have one vote. Exception, new members receive credit for six ( 6 ) months attendance until an attendance record can be established.


E.  Family Member:  Any person holding a valid Amateur Radio License issued by the Federal Communications Commission, who is a spouse or child living in the home of a Full Member may vote as a regular member as long as annual dues are paid by the member.


Section  3 -  Membership and Dismissal

A.  Request for membership shall be granted when the following conditions are met:

1 )   An application for membership has been completed.

2 )   The application has been presented at a regular meeting .

3 )   At the next regular scheduled meeting, after Full Members have been notified not less than 5 days in advance of a pending vote for a new member, the application has been voted by a two/thirds of a quorum of the voting members.   Notification is the intended


4 ) Full Membership shall be effective upon payment of appropriate dues.


B.      A membership shall be revoked for any one of the following reasons.


1) Membership may be revoked for a violation of the Constitution and/ or the By-Laws by two/thirds vote of the Full Members


2 )  Full Membership may be revoked for loss of  F.C.C. Licenses for violation of  rules and regulations.



Section 4  Dues, Assessments and Attendance

A.  The Full Member and dues shall be $24.00 per year. Dues shall be paid within 90 days of January 1st during the fiscal year due.


B. The Full Member must attend a minimum of six meetings per year and dues paid to date to have voting privileges.


Section 5 - Meetings

A.  Regular meetings shall be held once each calendar month at such place, as the President shall order.


B.  Special Meeting may be called by the President as needed.


C.  50% of the voting members shall constitute a quorum.


Section 6 -  Term of Office

The officers of the society shall be limited to a maximum of two consecutive terms. The term of office shall extend from January first through December thirty-first of each year.   Elections will be held during the November meeting for the following term.


Section 7 - Society Equipment

A.   All Society property shall be inventoried at the change of officers or the first meeting in January.


B.  Members desiring to check equipment in or out or use any such facilities as are provided by the Society shall request use through the Vice President.

The Society designated primary station equipment will be excluded from loan to the membership.


C.  Any damage or loss due to negligence by persons borrowing Society equipment will be the responsibility of that person to correct. The extent of liability will be assessed by the Society.


D.  The President or Vice President, at his/her discretion, may order the return of any borrowed Society equipment at any time such action is deemed necessary.


Section 8 - Committees

The President shall be vested with the power to organize and/or supervise any necessary committees.


Section 9 - Expenditures

A. Expenditures not greater than $50.00 shall be approved by two (2) officers, a receipt submitted to the treasurer, and the members informed at the next regular meeting.


B.  Expenditures greater than $50.00 but not greater than $500.00 shall be approved by a vote of a quorum of the Voting Members at a regular meeting.  The receipt for items approved and purchased must be submitted to the Treasurer.


C. Expenditures in excess of $50.00 shall be approved by the Board of Directors to assure the Society if financially able to handle the debt.


Section  10 -  Disbandment

Disbandment shall be approved by a three-fourths (3/4) vote of the Full Members.  Upon successful disbandment vote, the Board of Directors shall be responsible for the disbursement of Society property.